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Reliable wood for reliable customers.

Don’t just talk about wood. Use it. 

Like gemstones wood is a multifaceted natural product. To make use of the many advantages it offers and to provide the customer with as wide a selection of timber as possible an enormous amount of first-hand knowledge is needed.

What is ARGE Starkholz?

ARGE Starkholz Salzburg is an alliance of 11 sawmills and one timber processing plant located in the province of Salzburg, Austria, comprising a workforce of 360 employees.

What is our ambition?

We consider it our duty to provide our customers with the widest possible selection of products and to guarantee the highest possible degree of quality.

Prime quality round timber from certified forests (PEFC) is the basis of our products.

Of about 750.000 cubic metres of round timber (produced annually) a considerable portion lends itself for use as highest quality timber.

Thanks to our high-tech machinery we can offer our customers prompt delivery of a
wide selection of prime-quality products. The efficient organization of our enterprise allows us to handle orders within even a very short time span and to the full satisfaction.

Together we are stronger

Salzburg is a wood rich country with powerful sawmills. We, the consortium Starkholz Salzburg, are an association of nine medium-sized sawmills, with a diverse range of products and high quality standards. Our collaboration allows us to serve the customers well.

We mainly supply the European market, but the overseas markets as well. With our regional material wood and our more than 300 employees, we can offer high quality and reliability.

Der Holzcluster ist Partner der
ARGE Starkholz Salzburg
Holzcluster is a partner of
ARGE Starkholz Salzburg
Holzcluster es un socio de
ARGE Starkholz Salzburg
Holzcluster est partenaire de
ARGE Starkholz Salzburg
Το σύμπλεγμα των δασών είναι ο συνεργάτης της ΚΕ Starkholz Σάλτσμπουργκ.